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1. Is the system able to generate invoices ?

No. The invoices have to pulled from the ERP or from the pre-defined Excel format from the Clients database.

2. Can we see the Mismatches of all the GSTN id’s of the same Company in one view.

We have to select the specific GSTN ID of the Company to see the mismatches related to the specific ID.

3. How is e-way bill generated ?

We will enable E-way bill once GSTN release guidelines.

4. How can we pull the data from our ERP to WayGST ?

Data can be pulled through Connectors. And other method is that we can migrate the data into the pre-defined Excel format.

5. Debit / Credit note generation??

Credit/Debit note generation shall happen in accounting software and not in WayGST.

6. How are advance shown?

Advances received should be captured in excel file along with invoices raised in the month and to be uploaded to WayGST.

7.Where is the data hosted in the ASP method?


8. RCM (Reverse Charge Mechanism) (Advance related) ?

it is addressed in question 9.

9. Purchased good from un registered dealer (Reverse Charge Mechanism)??

Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM), when registered dealer purchases Goods or Services or both from a unregistered dealer then registered dealer has to pay GST and take it as input credit, the same applies to advance amount received from unregistered dealer. This information should be captured in excel file and to be uploaded to WayGST.

10. How can we decide on HSN Code? Should it be 4 digits or 8 digits?

Upto Rs. 1.50 Crores no HSN code is needed on invoice.
From Rs. 1.50 crores to Rs. 5.00 crores 2 digit HSN code is needed on invoice.
Above Rs. 5.00 crores 4 digit HSN code is need on invoice.

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